The Level 2 Data is available for the range from 2008, doy 100 up to 2010, doy 100.
The spectral range is 16 - 58 nm.
The Data is available fine resolved or as 1nm binned spectra.
The Data is absolut calibrated to W/m^2/nm.
The Data is corrected to one astronomic unit.

 The file name decodes as follows, e.g. for "SolACES_L2_2008_100.25.dat":
- "SolACES" is the experiment name.
- "L2" is the processing Level, here Level 2.
- "2008" stands for the year.
- "100.25" is for day of year (doy) 100.25,where the fraction serves as purpose for a more accurate time value
  (here: 0.25*24h = 6h).